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Microsoft and Business Skills Training

Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Excel Training CoursesMicrosoft Excel Training COurse

Microsoft Excel can be used to access, process, analyse, share, and display the information/data with which you work. Common documents can include pricing matrix’s, account information, customer databases and more.

Applications for Excel have developed far beyond the accounting and finance departments, to include users in virtually every aspect of business operations. Keys Training® offers different levels of Microsoft Excel training to suit your needs. Our courses include Excel Introduction, Excel Intermediate, Excel Advanced and Excel VBA.

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Microsoft Word Training CoursesMicrosoft Word Training

Microsoft Word is one of the most (if not the most) popular document creating software in world. Many users do NOT use the software to its full potential which could save time and reduce stress.

We provide 3 levels of Microsoft Word training courses which include introduction to wordintermediate word training, word reporting and advanced word trainingKeys Training® have 1 day Microsoft Word training courses which will take you from the fundamentals of creating short letters to generating lengthy reports using advanced tools such as styles, cross-referencing and automated tables of contents.

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Microsoft Project Training CoursesMicrosoft Project Training Course

MS Project helps teams work together more effectively by enabling the organisation and communication of project information in operations of every size. Our training covers concepts of project management as well as showing how to use Microsoft Project to its full potential. For complete course outlines please click on course titles.

Keys Training® provides different levels of MS Project training to suit your needs including Introduction to Microsoft Project and Advanced MS Project.

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Microsoft Access Training CoursesMicrosoft Access Training Courses

Microsoft Access can be used to build powerful databases with relatively little effort. Accesss is extremely versatile, and applications can range from linking simple data lists to fully functional accounts and invoicing systems.

Keys Training® offer different levels of Microsoft Access training courses which will take you from the fundamentals of good database design through to advanced querying and reporting of data.

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Business Skills Training

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