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Motivating Staff training course information

Motivating Staff Training Course


Our instructor-led Motivating Staff Training coursesĀ can beĀ delivered at our venues in Preston, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London or nationally on your premises.

1 Day Course | 1 Delegate Ā£295 plus VAT
*Book 2 or more delegates and receive significant discounts. Click here for information

Closed tailored courses are available on your site or remotely delivered for Ā£795.00 plus vat (up to 8 attendees).

This course is run on demand. For availability please call 0845 402 2781

Course Overview

The primary aims of this one day instructor led course are to Inspire and energise yourself and your staff to heightened performance and productivity!

Why is it so difficult to motivate people right now? Perhaps itā€™s our changing environment–nothing is tougher than getting buy-in for new ideas, systems and fluctuating corporate philosophies. In addition, managers are now faced with working with employees from different generations with different backgrounds and values. This seminar focuses directly on what drives motivation. Youā€™ll walk away from this program with an action plan for achieving measurable and observable positive results from your team.

Course Outline

Motivating the new workforce

  • Stimulate employee enthusiasm and gain commitment
  • Evaluate your own degree of motivation
  • Set your employees up for success
  • Communicate directly and openly
  • Support, rather than police
  • Provide feedback that motivates
  • Create an atmosphere that allows people to flourish

The Values That Drive Us

  • Understand value systems
  • Take actions to improve the motivation of employees with different value systems
  • Facilitate a collaborative approach to Resolving values conflicts
  • Recognise how changing organisation values motivate or frustrate employees

The Cost of Poor Motivation

  • Take effective action to counter employee absenteeism or low productivity
  • Overcome veteran employees’ resistance to change and newcomers’ frustration with routine work
    empower employees to perform creatively
  • Apply delegation doā€™s and donā€™ts that set employees up for success
  • Determine what assignments enrich a job and what assignments just add to the load

Changing Behaviour

  • Use feedback to inspire poor performers to improve their job
  • Recognise satisfactory performance with motivating positive feedback
  • Determine what information you should communicate to employees to generate greater commitment

Action Planning

  • Implement top priority plans to improve employee motivation
  • Recognise what motivates them in their jobs
  • Take steps to improve their own work motivation