Negotiation Skills for Sales

Professional Negotiation Skills for Sales training courses


Negotiation Skills for Sales Training Course

Our instructor-led Negotiation Skills Training courses can be delivered at our venues in Preston, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London or nationally on your premises.

1 Day Course | 1 Delegate £295 plus VAT
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Course Overview

Today’s customer demands a more professional sales approach than ever before.  Awareness of the market, an understanding of the need for selective use of knowledge and the importance of attention to detail are some of the crucial elements of a successful sale.  Sales people can fail because they do not ask the buyer to buy.  This one day course is designed to concentrate on the important “close” and to enable delegates to maximise their opportunities to win business.

Course Outline

Getting to the Close

  • Asking the right questions
  • Identifying need / want / desire
  • Generating interest and talking benefits

The right time to Close

  • Reluctance to apply pressure
  • Fear of rejection
  • Recognising buying signals
  • Losing the moment

Get the objections on the table

  • Listening to uncomfortable facts
  • Recognising hidden agendas
  • Reassuring the buyer
  • Countering the objection

Closing Techniques

  • The Straightforward close
  • The Assumptive close
  • The Testimonial close
  • The Stumbling Block close
  • The Presentation close
  • The “Ours versus Theirs” close
  • he Impassive close
  • The Hook close
  • The Fear close

Rewarding yourself for a job well done

  • Reaffirming what the job really is
  • Setting real objectives
  • Recognising self delusion
  • Self applause

Who will benefit from the Negotiation Skills course?

This course will benefit all individuals with selling responsibilities.

By the end of the course delegates will have gained the following benefits:

  • Examined the importance of generating interest and getting to the close
  • Developed an appreciation of how to deal with objections
  • Considered a range of different closing techniques