In House Training – Tailored Courses

Professional In-House Tailored training courses

In House Training – Tailored Training Courses

If you’re planning on using your budget wisely, or thinking of holding the same course many times to different groups within your organisation, you might want to ask us for tailored training.

Tailored training is a great way to make sure the most important topics appear during the training. It makes the day more work relevant and effective for your money.

Training can be held at one of our venues across the UK or on your site.

Who are Tailored Courses for?

  • Groups of 3 or more with the same needs
  • Anyone who’s needs aren’t covered by our Standard courses

Benefits of Tailored Training

  • Cover as much as possible in a short time
  • “Pick and mix” content from several courses
  • Gain skills for a specific project or task
  • All the price and convenience benefits of group courses
  • Get focused attention for specialist users
  • Obtain 1 to 1 attention if required

How We Arrange Tailored Training?

We’ll create a course (along with accompanying materials) for you, based upon your specific requirements and according to your priorities. Most tailored courses involves simple ‘tweaking’ of our standard courses, for example we might ask you to choose sessions from our existing outlines, and mix and match, i.e swapping a particular session from the intermediate level with one from an advanced course.