Disability Awareness Training

Our  disability awareness courses are tailored to the needs of each organisation to ensure that they are right for you and meet your needs as an organisation.

We can deliver these as either half-day or full day onsite courses delivered by our knowledgeable, friendly trainers.



Common questions that we cover our disability awareness training include:


  • Can I ask a disabled person what their disability is?
  • Should I offer to give help to a disabled person?
  • Is there language I should avoid using with disabled people?
  • What are reasonable adjustments?
  • Should I kneel when speaking to a wheelchair user or is this patronising?
  • How should we support our disabled colleague?
  • We don’t have many disabled customers, why?
  • How can we encourage disabled people to work for us?
  • What should I do if I don’t understand someone with a communication impairment?
  • How can we improve our services for disabled people?




By the end of the session you will understand:


  • Access and Inclusion
  • How to communicate with customers/employees who have disabilities
  • Barriers that disabled people face and ways in which these can be overcome
  • Ways to assist your disabled employees and/or customers


Common topics covered in these courses include:


  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Access to Work funding
  • Disability legislation – disability discrimination act and the Equality Act
  • Inclusive recruitment practices
  • Creating accessible and inclusive event