Speed Reading Skills

Professional Speed Reading Skills training course information

Speed Reading Skills Training Course

1 Day Course

We deliver this training as an instructor-led one-day course either remotely, at one of our venues or at your premises.

Our daily onsite fee for up to 8 attendees is ÂŁ795.00 plus vat

Course Overview

This very intensive one day course has been designed to teach participants Speed Reading skills in the shortest possible timescale.

This course will help you develop techniques that have the potential to double or even triple your reading speed, and at the same time increase your comprehension. These techniques will help in both business and study reading. This is a very practical course where delegates will be encouraged to participate fully in all the exercises to gain the maximum benefit.

Course Outline

  • What exactly is speed reading?
  • Assess current reading speed and comprehension
  • Overcoming sub vocalisation
  • Using a virtual pacer
  • The importance of breaks
  • Improving your memory and comprehension skills
  • Measure your improvements

Who will benefit from this Speed Reading Skills course?

This course will benefit all individuals whose role in the workplace includes responsibility for reading long documents quickly and with good comprehension.

This course by its nature is very practical. At the end of the course you’ll be able to:

  • Understand and use one simple technique to potentially increase reading speed by 100 words per minute
  • Develop skills to double or triple reading skills
  • Improve and increase retention of comprehension of what has been read
  • Learn to apply a variety of techniques, according to the purpose and importance of the document
  • Learn to cope with the information overload, created in today’s business environment

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