Change Management

Professional Change Management course information

Change Management Training Course

Tailored courses at your premises or remotely delivered are Ā£745.00 plus vat (up to 8 attendees)

Course Overview

This one-day course prepares managers and project team members for developing highly effective change management plans with confidence and covers how to successfully implement the necessary changes.

Course Outline

Ā Identifying the stages of a change project

  • The role of the Project Manager
  • The importance of planning and control
  • Setting objectives
  • Understanding Kotter’s change model


Overcoming barriers to change

  • Recognising the barriers
  • Developing a change plan


Understanding the effects of change on people

  • Recognise the stages of the effects of change
  • Personality profiling ā€“ self-analysis and understanding othersā€™ styles
  • Using emotional intelligence to recognise and handle individual people issues
  • Develop individual and group plans

Leadership and Influencing

  • Getting commitment
  • Accountability for actions
  • Essential delegation skills
  • Improve credibility and personal effectiveness
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Building an assertive outlook


Communicating and Motivating

  • Preparing an audience list
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Building rapport
  • How to motivate the team and the audience



  • Lessons learnt


This in-house instructor-led workshop is ideal for teams and organisations wishing to streamline their change management processes and maximise the collective buy-in and benefits of each strategic repositioning.

In order to remain competitive in today’s business environment, all organisations must experience periods of change and strategic transitions.

Upon completion of the course delegates will be able to identify the key stages in planning, design, implement and evaluate a successful change.