Report Writing for Business

Professional Report Writing for Business training course information

Report Writing for Business Training Course

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1 Day Course | 1 Delegate ÂŁ295 plus VAT
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Course Overview

Reports serve a wide variety of purposes but all follow the same basic pattern.  This one-day instructor led course is designed to enable delegates to appreciate and practise the principles of successful report writing.  Delegates will consider how to write reports that will be read without unnecessary delay, understood without undue effort, accepted and, where appropriate, acted upon.

Course Outline

Planning and Research

  • What is a report
  • How does it differ from a proposal
  • What do you want to achieve
  • What resources do you haves
  • Setting the right objective
  • Identifying the readership
  • Collecting the information

Language and Presentation

  • Using plain English
  • Matching style to readership
  • Being accurate, brief and clear
  • Checking vocabulary and spelling
  • Reviewing abbreviations
  • Checking punctuation and grammar
  • Creating a professional appearance
  • Using of charts and graphs

Structure a Formal Report

  • The Beginning – terms of reference, background
  • The Middle – the body of the report and the findings
  • The End – conclusions and recommendations

Structure a Research Report

  • Aim – what do we want to discover
  • Method – how will we attempt to find the answer
  • Results – what happened
  • Conclusion – what does this mean

Structure a Proposal

  • Position – where are we now
  • Problem – why can’t we stay here
  • Possibilities – where can we go instead
  • Proposal – what is the best option

Who will benefit from Business Report Writing?

This course will benefit staff who have direct contact with customers or clients and who wish to improve their customer contact or reception and telephone skills.

By the end of the course delegates will have gained the following benefits:

  • Practised structuring a report in a logical and understandable way
  • Looked at collecting, analysing
  • Considered how to produce a report with the correct technology
  • Examined the art of producing a concise summary
  • Gained an understanding of how to present a professional report

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