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Conflict Management Skills Training



Scheduled public courses are held at our venues at Preston, Liverpool, Manchester & London.

1 Day Course | 1 Delegate ÂŁ295 plus VAT
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Closed tailored courses are available on your site or remotely delivered for ÂŁ795.00 plus vat (up to 8 attendees).

Course Overview

Today’s ever increasing speed of change brings many conflicts of interest into the workplace. These need to be managed and resolved if irreparable damage is to be avoided. This one day course explores how best to manage conflict as a strategy to facilitate healthy organisational development.

Course Outline

What is Conflict?

  • Definition
  • Recognising signs of potential conflict
  • Analysing personal agendas
  • A look at our own standpoint

Barriers that prevent Conflict Resolution

  • Power imbalance
  • Lack of empathy and understanding
  • Trivialisation of consequences
  • “Head in Sand” approach

Maximising on “Conflict Opportunities”

  • There can be benefits
  • Resolution bringing about necessary change
  • Promoting common denominators
  • Creativity and Innovation

Types of Conflict

  • Interpersonal and Organisational
  • Deeper loyalties

Adverse Costs of Conflict

  • Low productivity
  • High stress levels
  • Taking our eye off the “real” ball
  • Organisational failure

Personal Coping Strategies

  • Defence mechanisms
  • False friends

Conflict Management and Resolution

  • Understanding behavioural needs
  • Keeping emotions in check
  • Management of our own behaviour
  • Engaging skills
  • Channelling skills
  • Third party intervention
  • Learning from each conflict

Who will benefit from the Conflict Management course?

This course will benefit all individuals with management responsibilities including those who anticipate an argument every time a specific issue is raised or who lack the skills to prevent a destructive situation continuing. By the end of the course delegates will have gained the following benefits:

  • Considered skills necessary to manage and resolve Conflict
  • Developed an understanding of the barriers preventing Conflict resolution
  • Appreciated the adverse costs of Conflict
  • Considered how to manage their own behaviour