Adobe Illustrator

AdobeĀ Illustrator Training Course

1 Day Course | 1 Delegate Ā£295 plus VAT
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Course Overview

This one-day course provides you with the concepts and skills to use Adobe Illustrator effectively. We will show you how to combine shapes with type to make simple logos ready for the web and for print. After we guide you through the essentials of controlling the Illustrator environment, we will show you how to create simple logos, draw and trace objects, and export the results for the web and for print. This course is a great step towards becoming a proficient digital artist and graphic designer.

Course Outline

Creating basic Documents

  • Explore the pre-built Document Profiles
  • Shortcuts to navigate the Artboard effectively
  • Work in a Custom Workspace

Drawing in Illustrator

  • Use the Pen tool for straight lines
  • Add, delete or adjust points along a path
  • Understand how Bezier Curves work, learn to draw and edit these Curves
  • Freeform drawing and editing with this powerful tool
  • Create Logos using simple Shapes
  • Using Live Trace to transform your hand drawn sketches into vector artwork that can be further adjusted
  • Modifying Objects

Lasso select and the other goodies in the Select Menu

  • Transform objects with scale, shear, rotate & reflect tool
  • Be precise using Smart Guides, Grids & Guidelines
  • Align, Group & Duplicate to achieve better results
  • Layers palette: Hide & Lock Objects
  • Intro to Isolation Mode for effective editing
  • Working with Colours in Illustrator

Difference between Swatches and Colour palette

  • Applying colour to Stroke and/or Fill
  • Adjusting Stroke with the Stroke palette
  • Live Colour for perfect Complementary / Analogous colours
  • Live Paint as an easy way to colour artwork
  • Introducing Gradients & Patterns

Text copy in Illustrator

  • Point, Area and Type on a path
  • Import Body Type & fix Spelling Errors
  • Find and Replace Text or Insert Typographic Characters
  • Create Text Outlines to design your own fancy headlines

Outputting your Artwork

  • Defining cropping area
  • Saving your artwork in vector formats
  • Save for Web & Devices

Who will benefit from Adobe Illustrator?

This course will benefit people who wish to learn the tools and features of AdobeĀ Illustrator to design and enhance their vector images.

By the end of the course delegates will have gained the following benefits:

  • Become familiar with the Illustrator interface
  • Learn how toĀ combine shapes to make simple logos ready for the web and print
  • MasterĀ drawing and tracing objects
  • Feel confidentĀ editing and exporting for the web and for print

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