Disability Accessibility Audit

The purpose of a Disability Accessibility Audit  (DDA audit) is to assess or benchmark how accessible an environment, building or service is for people who are disabled. Our friendly experts will conduct the audit and recommend ways in which accessibility can be improved.


Why have an access audit?

An access audit can help you to be compliant with your legal duties under the Equality Act 2010. It also enables your organisation to:

  • Create an accessible environment and service for all
  • Diversify your workforce
  • Increase staff retention
  • Increase customer satisfaction and tap into the ÂŁ249 billion annual spending power that disabled people have


What does an access audit include?

Our audits are tailored to the particular needs of your organisation. We begin by working with you to identify how the Equality Act applies to your place of work.

Our audit will often cover the following areas:


Physical access

How a physically disabled person journeys into and around your building, including car parking, entrances, reception, corridors, lifts/stairs, signs, toilets etc. We will provide photographic evidence and recommendations on how you can correct the problem considering what is reasonable as an organisation for you to do.


Auditing & Advising on improving your organisation’s culture towards disability

To become truly accessible the working practices of your organisation should be both accessible and inclusive. Our audit provides with you with guidance, best practice, and recommendations on:


Policies and procedures

Your policies and procedures are just as important (if not more) than your physical access. We can check these to ensure that you are not discriminating against disabled people and offer recommendations of adjustments you can make.


To be a diverse employer it’s important that your recruitment process is accessible. We can evaluate this for you and make suggestions of ways in which you can actively recruit disabled people.


How you communicate is very important. They also give you the opportunity to show how committed you are to being an inclusive organisation. Areas that we can assist with include using appropriate terminology and ensuring that your social media posts are accessible.

Accessible information

An important part of accessibility is providing information to disabled people in accessible formats. Our auditors can check the accessibility of your information and provide suggestions of ways to improve.

Assisting with solutions

Our auditors are excellent at problem solving. There is always more then one way to solve an access issue and we pride ourselves on finding solutions which are practical, possible, and suitable for an organisation to carry out.